Company philosophy

Tecnogamma specializes in the distribution of advanced and innovative surgical products.
From the many companies that contact us, we select only those that offer distinctively advanced products featuring a competitive edge and major market potential. To effectively and efficiently bring these products to market, we have kept our organization lean to provide the quality of service to the customer that matches the high technology and innovation the products represent.

From our knowledge of the intricacies and mechanisms of the Italian market we have developed responsive and flexible strategies to promote, to motivate, and to sell. What contributes to achieving successful results and steady growth in a recession market is our aggressiveness without arrogance, experience and professionalism.

These driving forces can be seen in the care we dedicate to each product we represent. Starting with an in-depth study of the product’s characteristics, we evaluate its potential, then conduct a pilot program with attention focused on the best ways of presenting it to the market. Monitoring the product from the presales through the after sales phases is essential when introducing innovative products.

Another way of promoting the products we represent is by exhibiting them at congresses and scientific meetings where we can keep the surgeon informed of new developments and maintain our visibility in the market.

Tecnogamma represents and sells products from reputable manufacturers in the field of surgery on the basis of a signed contract for exclusive distribution.

Our Organization & Staff


Tecnogamma is present throughout Italy. It works through a wide network of very experienced product specialists and professional area managers. Our lean organization is just the right size for operating nation-wide, while allowing flexibility for dedicating the proper attention to our products.


Selected on the basis of their general and scientific background in surgery, Tecnogamma’s highly qualified field force undergoes thorough training before its deployment and regular updating during the year. In-depth knowledge of the products, their applications, and the work of the surgeon make our area managers equal partners in discussing solutions to the surgeon’s problems, explaining the advantages of new products and assisting him in their use in the operating room. This complete service forms the basis of the close working relationship between surgeon and manager who is perceived as an expert consultant ready to offer optimum advice in the correct use of new products.

As we have seen, the Italian national health care system is ridden with obstacles. Making sales requires talent and determination, two qualities that characterize our area managers.
What makes our agents so well-liked is the expertise with which they present our reliable products and the trust they have built up with their customers: this is why they sell more.